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Now more than 10.000 visitors
A new page added  ARTISTdirect Network  Music News.    weekly updated.
Lots of remodeling and LinkVacuming here and ther ower the last two weeks!
Maintaining an mp3-site  thats alot of nightly hours  So CULTurCLUB is my hobbySite! on the bottom of this page, recently started to time out !
So I had to Install  LinkExchangeFastCounter  below. They are still relatively fast loading! .  .

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While waiting,    visit the Mother-site and brows to The Huge BridgeProject.
" Allt om Öresundsbron "   lots of sites about the bridge    and WebEyes too.
I'll mark out SiteLinks with appropriate flaggs, indicating languages involved.
If you come surfing in from outside just click >ScaniaENTERMiniLogo.gif (2711 bytes)
* ScaniaENTER *  A site about The Sunny Southern Scandinavia and alias
Entre' Scania  or  Entrance to Sunny Southern Scandinavian.


Surveys on this site running for a year now shows that > 90% voted for songs!
5000+  pulled the submitbutton altogether.
Skins and Utils&Tools and some Albums  shared < 10%

This Years questions :

Is mp3 downloading sites now outdated by Napster
   YES -  I'll think so
    No!   -  why is that


vem vet inte jag   jag vet inte vem  inte vem jag vet *


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Rigth on Commander !

No porno No hardcore maybe warez certanly skins and mp3 for sure !  



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Click here for 50 Best MP3 Sites


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Daily Updated MP3 Software - The Only Link You Need

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Visit Energy Audio!



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inga svenska mp3 siter som var uppe för ett år sen  finns kvar idag ???



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